Shadow Dancer

Location: Southeast Corner of 1st and Norfolk Avenue

Shadow Dancer

Artist: Susan Woodford
Shenandoah, Iowa

Sculpture Size: 6’H x 3’W x 4’L
Material: Steel with copper and rust patina
Price: $6,800

Conceived from the idea, “If no one will dance with me, I will dance with myself” Shadow Dancer is the visual embodiment of self-love.  We are all connected, like trees in the Redwood Forrest, our roots communicating through society.  Personal, individual obligation to react to current events, emails, phone calls… are not as important as taking a step away and enjoying this life and your body for a moment.  Unplugging and allowing yourself the space and time to just breathe, dance, express… is a gift for every person you in turn have contact with.  Our societal ability to affect one another is also a responsibility, and Shadow Dancer is a reminder to begin the process of acceptance and joy in self.

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