As one sits and patiently waits for signs of spring, don’t overlook all the great winter activities in and around the community. There’s a lot of feel good, warm your heart places to go and things to see while the cold weather continues to hang on a little bit longer. Whether you’re an indoor music and art lover or an outdoor adventurist, there is something for everyone. There is food, music, art, ice fishing, sledding, and so much more. So, bundle up and get out to experience some of the wonderful things there are to do.

The Elkhorn Valley Museum: From the history of our area to the history of beer. The Elkhorn Valley Museum has created a very full schedule of events that adhere to the interest of all ages.

The Downtown Coffee Company: Take away the chills of winter with a cup of one of their specialty drinks or some warm and delicious pastries. Their casual seating makes it enjoyable to catch up with friends or enjoy some time to yourself. After coffee, continue venturing the downtown area full of boutiques and unique shopping experiences.

The Norfolk Arts Center: Let your creativity flow at one of their many classes and events. Music, poetry, art displays, and family fun are just a few of the creative items they offer. Your creativity can shine even on the cloudiest and dreariest of winter days.

The Norfolk Public Library: Is there anything that takes away the winter blues better than sitting in a comfortable chair with a book in front of a fireplace? The completely renovated library is warm, cozy, and has a calendar filled with events to keep its visitors busy.

Skyview Lake and Ta-Ha-Zouka Park: For the outdoor enthusiast, stop at one of our many parks in the area. Sledding and ice fishing are very popular at Skyview Lake. If you’re out for some exercise and fresh air, then find your way to The Cowboy Trail at Ta-Ha-Zouka Park.

Food, Fun, and Nightlife: The Norfolk area is filled with family owned restaurants that stay open year-round. There is food from around the globe and within a half an hour drive. Many of the local restaurants have a signature meal that gives them a unique appeal. If you’re a lover of great live music, then be assured there is always something to make your ears perk. Follow the Visit Norfolk Area Nebraska Facebook page for a full list of live music in the community.