Location: 3rd and Norfolk Ave.

Lunar Entrance

Artist: Susan Woodford
Shenahdoah, Iowa

Sculpture Size: 8′ H x 14” W x 4′ L
Material: Steel, Kilned Tempered Glass
Price: $8,000

The magical force of the sculpture is it’s ability to slow the viewer, and take us out of our technological mindset. Lunar Entrance was designed to spark imagination, and ignite the question, “What would lie behind the door?”.

The kilned tempered glass and steel sculpture has a smooth, convex, futuristic surface with rust patina alluding age and historical reference of piece. I hope the viewer might see a mythological time portal, or ancient gateway to other planets through the interiorly lit structure.

The exterior sculpture has interior steel glass housing and reinforcement, along with exterior caulking and adhesive bonding. It has performed exceedingly well in 60 mph winds, and in-climate weather.

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