Kick off the 2017 Holiday Season!

The celebration begins on Tuesday, November 21st in Downtown Norfolk and continues throughout the week.

Mark your calendars and share in the festivities Norfolk has to offer and then celebrate with some of our neighboring communities as well!

Wishing all of you and safe and happy season.

Tired of “Old Man Winter?” Bored?

Check out our newest bucket list just for WINTER to help warm up some of those cold, snowy evenings and weekends!

We probably have a few ideas you’ve never thought of! Enjoy!

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Norfolk, NE Winter Bucket List

What’s all the fuss about shopping locally for?

Does it really matter that we do our shopping in a store versus online?

The answer is…YES!!!

Come for a visit to Norfolk, Nebraska. Shop our wonderful stores, eat fine cuisine at one of our fabulous restaurants, play a game of bowling or take in a movie and then stay the night in one of our wonderful hotels so you can start all over again tomorrow! We love visitors!