Hey, Mary Lou!

Location: 116 E. Norfolk Ave.

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Hey, Mary Lou!

Artists: Bad River Artworks: Sherri Treeby and Lee Leuning
Aberdeen, South Dakota

Sculpture Size: 4’H x 4’W x 4’L
Material: Bronze
Price: $30,000

“Hey Mary Lou” a moment in time catching our hero on his first chance at glory as he dashes around the end towards the goal.   We know he is a “sub’” by his “last in line” worn out uniform.   Our  edge of manhood star despite the excitement of his big play cannot overcome the inner passions and resist a wave to the sidelines cheerleader.   The flying ruffian “broken noses always spelled beware of this kid” is about to send him to the second row bleaches. One instance  your on top of the world the next…?

Our sculptures are representational “Americana”.  Think Norman Rockwell.  We tell a story with plenty of visual clues that the viewer discovers; is proud he does; tells those around him that haven’t caught it yet; doesn’t forget the sculpture even years later.

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