Norfolk is best known as the home to Johnny Carson, but there’s so much more for residents and visitors to discover. The GeoTour offers an entertaining and different way to explore the Norfolk area! Are you still not sold on the idea? I’m going to give you 6 reasons to join the fun of geocaching.

1) It’s fun for everyone

This treasure hunt is perfect for families, organizations, teams, or individuals of any age. The GeoTour is the perfect way to get out of the house and keeps you moving. Although you can walk around Norfolk to find caches, you will need someone who can drive since some of the caches are outside of Norfolk.

2) We’ve received great feedback from participants

If you’re anything like me, I must check what others thought about a product first before I try. We’ve received an outstanding number of positive comments about the tour. Here’s a few:

“We had fun, learned a lot about Norfolk and Johnny Carson. Really enjoyed the memorials.”

“Great! We really got to see and know Norfolk. We need to come back soon.”

“Thanks for a fun time in Norfolk. Highly recommended to friends.”

3) You visit the Norfolk area’s most popular sites

The Norfolk area has so much to offer from historical buildings to popular events. With this tour, you get to see a bit of everything. Most of the locations where you cache provide fun facts about the location and others offer beautiful views. Make sure to take pictures and use #VisitNorfolkNE when uploading them to your social media!

4) It keeps you busy all day

This GeoTour isn’t something that can be done in an hour. You will need to schedule a full day just for this! Some caches are easy to find, and others are super challenging. This treasure hunt puts your mind to the test and is fun for everyone.

5) You can eat while you play

Here’s an insider tip – some caching locations are at local restaurants! Caching at these locations is going to make it hard not to eat. Each player earns 2 play points for dining out at any restaurants in the Norfolk area. Make sure you attach your receipts. Check out to see a complete list of restaurants.

6) Get points for shopping and staying

Geocachers can also gather points for shopping and staying in the Norfolk Area. For every $25.00 spent on shopping, you earn 2 retail points. Norfolk offers a wide variety of stores that are great for everyone. My favorite places to shops are the Sunset Plaza and Downtown on the Riverpoint. Don’t forget to keep your receipts and turn it in with your passport!

You also get 2 retail points per hotel room, per night by staying at any hotel in Norfolk. To find a hotel, check out . Turn in your receipt with your passport to get the points!

After you’ve completed all the caches or have received 40 points, you are eligible to receive the Visit Norfolk Area GeoTour geocoin. This coin allows you to travel from geocache to geocache. Check out this video to see what you can do with your coin!

There’s no better time to partake in the Geotour this fall! With enjoyable, sweatshirt weather, this passport will keep you busy all day! For more information, visit  or call the Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau at 402-371-2932.

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