The new year is the perfect time to start something new. Hobbies are a great way to cope with stress, build new connections with people, and gives yourself a sense of purpose. The Norfolk area has many opportunities for visitors and community members to find something new in 2021.

Join the art scene

2021 is the perfect year to start a hobby is the art world! Revitalized Studio offers a variety of ways to learn how to create masterpieces. From painting to pencil drawing, the studio’s classes focus on teaching beginners the process of making a masterpiece. The Norfolk Art Center is the best place to discover art exhibits and attend events. Express yourself with Open Mic Night at First Friday or spend time at the studio on Second Saturday. These events are great ways to express yourself in a comfortable environment.


The Cowboy Trail Experience

Get in shape while also enjoying the beautiful views on the Cowboy Trail anytime of the year. During the warm months, start at the trail head in Ta-Ha-Zouka Park and experience the trail by walking, running, or biking. When enough snow falls, take the trail by snowshoes. The Cowboy Trail is great for beginners!


Explore by Kayak

Pick up a new hobby on the water. Kayaking is a popular warm weather activity in the Norfolk area. To start, head to the North Fork River or Skyview Lake in Norfolk for a more relaxing experience. Then, try the Elkhorn River once you’re are more advanced. Buy your own or rent from North Fork Outfitting.


Step outside of your culinary comfort zone

The Norfolk area is the perfect place to try new foods. From seafood to American cuisine, we have it all. Downtown Norfolk is a hot spot for locally owned restaurants with menus filled with delicious food. Grab the pizza of the month from District Table & Tap or try buffalo meatloaf from 411 Restaurant. Don’t miss dessert! MJ’s Gelato has a great selection of the Italian version of ice cream. Head to Omaha Avenue for another great selection of restaurants with a variety of cuisine. Aroma Circuit, located inside of Norfolk County Inn & Suites, is the newest Indian restaurant with mild to spicy dishes. The well-known Michael’s Cantina has a ton of classic Mexican dishes that pair great with their margaritas!


Head off the beaten path to diners in the Norfolk area. J’s Place in Pierce is highly recommended by visitors and community members because of their amazing burgers and ice cream. Goody’s Grill located in Battle Creek is a great place to stop and enjoy a sit-down meal. Make sure to order the onion rings as an appetizer. You can’t forget to stop in Madison for authentic Mexican food at Burrito King and a sweet treat from Limited Edition Cakes.