By: Caylie Egger

A girl’s weekend is always a good idea! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing or eventful weekend, the Norfolk Area has a lot to offer. Take this guide to help you plan the perfect weekend that you won’t forget!

Where to stay?

Norfolk has a wide selection of hotels with a variety of amenities. Divot’s Lodge and Suites offers beautiful, countryside views and includes Norfolk’s only brewery. Experience their new Roof Top Terrace with tasty food, happy hour, and an outdoor patio with tabletop fireplaces. Spend a day relaxing by the pool and playing a game of miniature golf or sand volleyball. Don’t forget to pamper yourself at their new, full-service spa.

For a more inner-city hotel, I recommend the newly remodeled Holiday Inn Express. This updated hotel is a short drive to anywhere in Norfolk and has an excellent, hot breakfast. Next door is the Hampton Inn. The Hampton Inn is highly rated because of their helpful staff and comfortable beds. Down the street is Rodeway Inn which is walking distance to Big Red Keno and Buffalo Wild Wings. Not only is the location convenient, they are also praised for their clean rooms and friendly staff.

Where to eat?

Brunch is a must for the perfect girl’s weekend. Enjoy a roof top brunch at White Mulberry Bakery with homemade pastries and brewed coffee. Another local favorite is Black Cow Fat Pig. They offer a fantastic brunch with a variety of drinks including bottomless Bloody Mary’s. For a more city feel, try the Downtown Coffee Company. Their menu offers a variety of different sandwiches, pastries, and specialty coffee.

The best part of downtown Norfolk on the RiverPoint is that there’s a variety of locally owned restaurants. Napolis has the best Italian food that pairs great with their tasteful wine. Your girls will feel like they took a quick trip to Italy!  

You can never go wrong with margaritas from Leon’s. This authentic Mexican restaurant is best known for their happy hour and food. The atmosphere is the perfect way to start your night out.

What to do?

After grabbing a bite, take a stroll through downtown Norfolk on the RiverPoint where you can find clothing boutiques and our famous Magnolia’s. There’s no disappointment when it comes to shopping downtown because there’s a variety of styles and the customer service is phenomenal.

Is your group more artsy? Revitalized studio and Creatively Fired offer events or classes that make for a relaxing evening. Each studio has projects they specialize in from pottery to canvas painting. Book these classes in advance so you are guaranteed a spot! Did I mention that you can enjoy a few drinks while you create?


The O is the newest addition to Norfolk’s nightlife. Their rustic touch, fun games, and outdoor bar make it easy to have an entertaining night with the girls. Mel’s Lounge is another enjoyable bar that locals love. Their unique, signature drinks are delicious and popular.

Head back to downtown Norfolk for the Harbor Bar and 5th Street Tavern. Both bars are known for their creative décor and swanky vibes. I recommend these bars to any group who is looking for a quieter, laid-back night.

South of Omaha Avenue is the well-known Hank and Snooks Mint Bar. Get a shuffleboard game or a round of pool started after getting a drink. A fun tradition here is signing a dollar bill and hang it above the bar.

There’s so much to do in the town of Norfolk and, as you can see, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway with the girls. To see more of what is going on around the area, visit

There are so many things to be grateful for when living in a growing community that still offers a lot of small-town living. There are signs of growth, diversity, and a feeling of home for those that live and visit here. This is a community in which people still say, “Hello” and wave to their neighbors and strangers alike. It’s also a place where people still grow a lot of their own food and share it with others. If you don’t have a neighbor or coworker with a garden large enough to feed the neighborhood, there’s no need to feel left out! This is a tasty time of year for many because there are fresh produce stands and markets throughout the community.

Walz Sweet Corn is grown local, just a couple miles west of Battle Creek. It began as a fun project nearly 8 years ago. It was started by the Walz family so they could teach their son about sales skills. They succeeded! The people they sell it to really took to the sweetness of their corn, so the family continues planting and selling. They plant a couple acres each year and pick the corn each day they set up their stand. That is the definition of FRESH! You can find the sign outside of Tilly’s on a variety of summer days. They sell their fresh picked, locally grown corn for only $6.00 a dozen.

Clinch Produce is locally grown at their family owned acreage in Madison. They are set up in the KFC Parking Lot and on East 275 in Norfolk. If you’re looking for Sweet Corn, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and/or Onions stop and smell the freshness of their products. There is also a pride that comes from raising this produce. When you stop by either one of the stands any of the family members standing by will happily tell you about the work it takes to grow these farm fresh favorites to take to your table.

Kuper Farms is a small Country Market with locally raised meat and produce for sale. This small little market does not limit its variety of items on its shelves because of the stores size. There is a large variety of items to choose from. Kuper Farms makes bringing the farm to the table easy and convenient. Kuper Farms is also open all year round. It is located at 401 W. Omaha Avenue.  Here are the hours you can stop by to check out the day’s fresh cuts of meat, local grown produce, along with homemade soaps. Stop in Tuesday-Friday from 10:00am- 6:00pm and on Saturday from 10:00am- 4:00 pm.

The Farmers Market brings in garden enthusiast and crafters from all around the community. The number of places and times you can find The Farmer’s Market has increased to keep up with demand.  Norfolk Farmers Market is open 4:30- 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at First Baptist Church and Saturday from 9 a.m. till 12 p.m. at The Sunset Plaza. This is a great place to gather and meet new people to share in stories, recipes, and gardening tips. You will also be able to find crafts from local artist and fresh homemade baked goods. As the market continues to grow so will the items that you can find there. If you’re interested in becoming one of the unique vendors at The Farmer’s Market, then message them on their Facebook Page: Norfolk Farmer’s Market.

The growing and sharing of produce has gone on for hundreds of years. It’s a way to show kindness to strangers and neighbors. It may never be admitted, but it’s also how farmers and garden enthusiast show off their harvest. Farming and gardening are a large part of our community that continues to be carried on from generation to generation. As our community continues to grow, it continues to take its small-town values and living with it.