Location:  WJAG, 309 W Braasch Ave

Rachel Weeping for Her Children

Artist: Sandra Jonson
Cambridge, Nebraska

Sculpture Size: 44” H x 26” W x 25″ D
Material: Sheet metal and Steel Pipe
Price: $30,000

“Rachel Weeping for Her Children” is a life-size bronze sculpture in the style of classic realism. Portraying the wife of the Biblical patriarch Jacob, this sculpture portrays Rachel as an archetypal and timeless woman. The empty blanket cradled in her arms reveals she is a grieving mother. Her upright pose, even while kneeling in prayer, portrays a stillness, strength and endurance that refuses to be defeated.

“Rachel Weeping” represents the eternal bond between mother and child that survives even loss and pain. Whether Rachel is the woman whose nest is empty, the woman who has lost a child, woman who is childless, or the woman who witnesses her child’s pain, she is completely surrendered to her role as giver of the loftiest and enduring of all loves. Although Rachel expresses suffering, she also expresses healing and hope.

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