Grant monies from the Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau are available to:

1) Apply for Promotional Grant: promote, encourage, and attract visitors to tourism facilities, events, and attractions in Madison County

2) Apply for Improvement Grant: for capital improvements to existing attractions or recreational facilities in Madison CountyFunds for these grants are provided by the 4 percent lodging tax revenue collected at hotels/motels, bed & breakfasts, and campgrounds in Madison County. Nonprofit organizations within Madison County may apply for either promotional or improvement grants. Facilities, events, and attractions that positively impact overnight stays in paid accommodations are given priority.

Grant monies from the Norfolk Area Sports Council are available to:

Apply for Incentive fund: The purpose of the Norfolk Area Sports Council Incentive Fund is to provide funding to be used to entice groups to choose the Norfolk Area/Madison County as a location for tournaments and sporting events, including but not limited to, tournaments and sporting events.  The funds available through this program are provided through the Sports Council and lodging/occupancy tax collected by lodging/camping facilities in Madison County.

Forms may be printed and mailed to address on form or filled out online and emailed to