Location: 3rd and Norfolk Ave


Artist: Adrian Hanft
Norfolk, Nebraska

Sculpture Size: 38″ H x 10″W
Material: Granite
Price: $2,800

“Cata-Pillar” recognizes a bug we all know well.

This work is carved from a single of column of Georgia grey granite standing over 3 foot tall. Why is it standing? The larval stage of butterflies and moths begin with a typically voracious feeding insect categorized sometimes as a serious agricultural pest. Who would see a butterfly in such destruction? Stand up and take notice of the potential within! Transformed from a crawling creature who seemingly dies, only to one day fly away and capture our attention is a change we all celebrate on some level.

Sculpture of butterflies are quite common. This is a symbolic tribute to a generic reality before their transformation. Go ahead and be the “CATA-PILLAR” you were meant to be! But don’t stop there. Let this be a metamorphic symbol that there is always more than meets the eye.

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